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LTC4412 Power Path Controller


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Power Path, LTC4412, Low Loss ORing

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LTC4412 Power Path Controller

Auto changeover or Switch over with loosing the Power on load is a challenge. This Low loss Power Path Controller from the Analog Devices makes it easy and achievable in ease. Packed with very low quiescent current of 11uA only, 3V-28V AC or DC Voltage range, almost any type of mosfet selection, this Power Path controller controls switch over with ease and and with very low loss in efficiency.

Follow Our Example application to beat the heat of the Power Path controlling operations.

Features of LTC4412 Power Path Controller

  1. VIN: 2.5V-28V (Supports wide range of industrial voltage or Batteries)
  2. Lowest Quiescent Current (19uA Max, 11uA Typical)
  3. Status Pin to notify which source is Powering the Device (Can be used to turn on LED for notification or MCU)
  4. Only Two-Three external components required
  5. Change over time is within micro seconds level, ensures that the load not turns off in failure of Power

Pin configuration of LTC4412 Power Path Controller-

LTC4412 Pinouts

Example Application of LTC4412 Power Path Controller-

Below application offers the best possible outcome of automatic switchover between Wall Adapter and Battery Backup Cells. Make Sure the Wall adapter having atleast 100mV higher voltage rating than the battery voltage. You can also use other sources instead battery. This circuit represents Lowest Loss Operations. Choose Cout according to the Load Requirement. 470uF-1000uF is good for most of the cases.

Auto changeover circuit without turning off the load.

For the P channel Mosfet, You can use RQ6E050AT, A superior 5A mosfet with very low RDs ON Resistance. It offers 30V capabilities.

Link: RQ6E050AT 5A 30V P Channel Mosfet in Punoscho Store


Product attributes of LTC4412 –

MFR : Analog Devices


Package : TSOT-23

Design Resources for Faster Integration

Package contains of LTC4412 –

1x LTC4412 (Number of IC ordered)

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