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MQ5 Winsen Gas Sensor Module


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MQ5, Sensor Module, Natural Gases

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MQ5 Gas Sensor Module

With the LPG, Natural Gas and town gas Sensing Ability in the Air, MQ5 Gas sensor Module is useful to detect gas leakage of LPG, natural gas and town gases.

Features of MQ5 Sensor module –

  1. Heater Voltage is 5V (AC or DC)
  2. 31 Ohms Heater Resistance at Room Temperature
  3. 10K Ohms to 60K Ohms Sensing Resistance (5000ppm methane)
  4. Detection Range: 200-10000ppm LPG, LNG Natural Gas, iso-butane, propane town gas.

Design Resources of MQ5 Sensor –

MQ-5 Datasheet

Product attributes –

MFR : Winsen


Package : TH

Package contains¬† –

1x MQ5 module


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16bit IMU Sensor