About Us

We are Punoscho.

“Where the mind is without fear” – R.N Tagore

Who we are?

We are a group of people having more than 12+ Years of Active Experience on Various Fields of Electronics Design. Punoscho is fully Capable to provide end to end design solutions as well as consultancy on circuit level design from concept to a practical product.

Punoscho have experience in various fields, be it music electronics, power electronics, IoT, renewable energies, sensing or detection, control or operations, you name it and we have work to showcase from our thousands of successful projects we have done before.

Our experience leads us to select and showcase rare components in our online or physical shop in West Bengal, India. There are lot of components you can find in our shop that can reduce EMI, thermal footprints, Opportunities to create your PCBs smaller yet efficient. Punoscho is a perfectly crafted Design House to provide Circuit Design, Electronics components and all the required valuable assets that can be useful for creating your dream applications into reality.

For our portfolio and sample of works, kindly go to our Schematic and PCB Design section.

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted”- John Lennon

Our Vision

A ship without destination and plan is a dangerous thing on the Coast. There are greatest Visionaries came into this world that created impacts in the society.

Socrates once said –

“The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, But on building the New”.

Yes, our vision is to push our energy to that horizon, where we can contribute towards the progress of India. With every lines we sketch on the schematic, every components we place on the PCB, and every steps we conquer the success and admiring the beauty of creation, we are creating new ideas to come into reality.

Electronics is easy and can be safer to everyone. We provide Datasheet, design resources free of cost, whether you are buying components from us or not.

Our vision is to save your time, energy and unnecessary complexity when you are impacting society and creating an art of living.

“You should never trust a man who has only one way to spell a word”- Mark Twain

Should you trust us?

It is really sad that world is not that place where you can trust someone blindly. It is a debate and discussion that always ends up like you should not trust somebody blindly. We know that it is important to trust the company or online shop to order components, provide your credentials, sharing your plans and dream project ideas to a group of unknown people. Please check about our reviews, our registrations and feedbacks.

We are properly registered company and following every rules of Indian Government. To provide lights on this matter, kindly check our registration and Important acknowledges as given below-

GST Registration Number: 19BUVPG5656G1ZZ
MSME Registration Number: UDYAM-WB-08-0021895
IEC License: BUVPG5656G
Trade License: 0917P1885229564 under West Bengal Government
PTAX Registration Number: 191009372631

If you still want to check or verify something, you may visit or call us. We are always happy to help you.

What is our Customers are saying about us?

Our Design Expertise

✔︎IoT ✔︎RF Design ✔︎SMPS and Power ✔︎DC-DC Regulation ✔︎USB 2.0 | 3.0 | Type – C | BC1.2 ✔︎Embedded MCU System ✔︎MEMS Sensors ✔︎LED instruments and different Lighting Solutions ✔︎Wireless Power Solutions

Our Services

✔︎Schematic Design ✔︎PCB Design and Layout – Multi-layer | Impedance controlled | High Speed | High Power ✔︎Realistic 3D PCB Modeling and Rendering ✔︎Prototyping ✔︎Testing as a Service ✔︎Cost Effective Design Consultancy ✔︎DFM Output ✔︎Component Sourcing ✔︎Production Planning

Our Design Deliverables

✔︎All core Design files as free of service ✔︎Schematic in PDF ✔︎Bill of Material with MFR, MFR-PN, PACKAGE, SUPPLIER, SUPPLIER-PN (Depending on where you want to buy the components) ✔︎Gerber Files ✔︎Pick-n-Place Files ✔︎2D-images of the Layout ✔︎3D-images of the Boards ✔︎3D-step Files ✔︎PCB Specification sheet

Our Tools of Expertise

✔︎Eagle CAD ✔︎Fusion 360 ✔︎KiCAD ✔︎Altium ✔︎PSPICE

For Support other than Online Component Shop: Monday – Friday (10AM – 7PM)
For Support Online Component Shop: Monday – Saturday (10AM – 8PM)


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