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2N7002 – 60V 200mA N-Channel MOSFETs


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2N7002, 60V, 200mA, N-Channel, SOT-23

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2620 in stock

2N7002 – 60V 200mA N-Channel MOSFETs

2N7002 is a widely popular, 200mA low current 60V based N-Channel Mosfet. It is available in SMD Package – SOT-23.

Features of 2N7002 –

  1. 60V Drain to Source Voltage (VDS)
  2. Minimum Threshold voltage : 1.0V(Min), 2.5V (Max). Gate to Source Voltage is ±20V.
  3. 210mA of Continuous Current and 2000mA of Pulsed Current through body diode.
  4. 2N7002 is a Logic Driven Mosfet. Can be controlled by a 3.3V or 5V microcontroller unit.
  5. TO-92 Package.

Pin configuration of 2N7002 –

Pinout diagram of BS170 2N7002 Pinout

Attributes of 2N7002 MOSFET –

MFR: Diodes Inc
MFR-PN: 2N7002

Design Resources for Faster Integration (Free of Cost | Ease of Use)

Package Contains –

1x 2N7002 Mosfet

Weight 0.1 g

Field Effect Transistor