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ESP32 CAM Programming Module (Base Board)


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ESP32-Cam Programming Module | Micro USB | CH340G

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ESP32 CAM Programming/Download Module

This is a programming module for ESP32-CAM.  It is a small size Base Board  that features the Micro USB, CH340G USB to UART peripheral, Power Indicators and a Right angle Reset Button.

Feature of ESP32-Cam Programming / Download Module

  1. CH340G Driver
  2. Micro USB Connector
  3. Reset Button Right Angle
  4. Interfaced with ESP32-Cam module
  5. Can be used as a programming / host board or USB to UART board for Other applications

Components Information of  ESP32-CAM module

Manufacture Part Number – ESP32-CAM-Download Board

Driver for ESP32 Cam programming Module

ESP32 Cam programming module comes with a CH340G installed on board, kindly make sure that the driver of CH340G is installed properly. Please download the driver from below link –

Package Information

  1. 1x ESP32-CAM Download Module
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