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Arduino Nano V3.0 with USB C (Cable Included)


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Arduino Nano | USB C | V3.0 | Atmega328P

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15 in stock (can be backordered)

This is the updated Nano V3.0 with the USB C connector for faster data connectivity and Power. The USB C features proper data connectivity and power related solutions.

The USB C cable is included in the box.



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Feature of Nano V3.0

  1. USB C Port for interfacing.
  2. ATmega328P Processor.
  3. CH340 Chipset for seamless UART Communications
  4. Supports ISP Downloads.
  5. 16 MHz Crystal Frequency.

Design Resources –

Arduino Nano V3.0 Datasheet

Package Information

  1. 1x Nano V3.0
  2. 1x USB C Cable
  3. 2x 15 Pins Berg Header
  4. 1x ICSP Berg Header
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