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USB QC/PD/AFC Trigger-Decoy Board module – 9V


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9V | PD/QC/AFC | 100W

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USB PD Trigger board having QC/PD/AFC Enabled Decoy module (9V only)

9V Fixed voltage USB QC PD AFC Module

USB PD chargers are getting common nowadays. Do you want to use your QC, PD, or AFC-enabled chargers to power devices other than the phone? This board or module is perfect for you to retain in your lab or project box. Literally, you can power anything using your mobile chargers.

This module supports triggers to convert your chargers to a 9V output Source. The maximum Power Output it can handle is 100W, thanks to the high current rated copper plane, reducing the heat generation and better thermal conductivity.

You can solder wires to this board or use screw terminals to connect custom wires and connectors. It is a one stop solution for all type of 9V applications. You can connect 9V DC Barrel connector in this module.

The DC Barrel Connector and the Screw Terminal are included in the package, however, it is not soldered.

Also please note: This USB PD Module Board comes with a USB 3.1 Generation USB Type-C Connector.


We also offer Soldering Services for this Board. If you want to add soldering of the Pins, DC Barrel Connector (with External Wires), Screw Terminals etc, Please add the Soldering Services. We will do it before dispatching.

This Board Already comes with the DC connector. If you want to solder DC connector with this board, you do not need to purchase anything extra. Just add the soldering services.

For the Screw Terminal, you need to purchase the screw terminal with 5.08mm Pitch.

Link of the Connector: Purchase 2 Pin Screw Terminal 5.08mm Pitch

Link: Soldering Services for Development Boards

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  1. Supports voltage range of 9V.
  2. USB PD/QC/AFC fast charger supports with 100W output capabilities using USB 3.1 Generation USB C Connector.
  3. Stable and all supported code are already encoded
  4. Built in protection features
  5. 25mm x 30mm small size
  6. Fixed Voltage (9V). For other voltages kindly check the catalog.
  7. Having PWR LED – Color is Blue.
  8. High Thermal conductivity
  9. Superior large copper plane for current to pass.
  10. Good quality FRC4 PCB Board.

Design Related document of USB-PD-9V Trigger Board-

Package Contains:

1x USB PD Trigger Board (9V)
1x DC Barrel connector

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