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22.5W 5-Port Mobile Power Bank Charging Module QC4+PD3.0 Supported


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Power Bank Driver | 22.5W | 5P | Bi-Directional

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22.5Watt 5-Port Mobile Power Bank Charging Module QC4+PD3.0 Supported

Punoscho Presenting the 22.5Watt 5 port fast charging Power Bank module that is highly configurable and with all necessary peripherals. This module has 5 ports – 2 USBA ports, Apple/samsung port, 1 USB C port, and 1 Micro USB Port. It also has all type of built in protections like short circuit, output over voltage protections, out put over current protection, battery charging protections etc.

Supports Bidirectional Charging and also having highly accurate coulomb counter with 4 Battery Charging/discharging status LEDs to tell the user about the battery percentage.

This module is excellent for DIY Power bank lovers to make custom Power Bank.

The battery voltage can be configurable by changing single resistor (R9) to change the battery voltage from 4.2V/4.35V/4.4V/4.5V. (default is 4.2V)

Choose R9 Resistor as –

[Both 0603 / 0805 will work]

10K – 4.2V [Default]

15K – 4.35V

5.6K – 4.4V

3K – 4.5V

Maximum battery capacity supported is 30000mAH. Single resistor change (R8) can configure this module board as 10000mAH / 20000mAH/30000mAH. (default is 20000mAH)

Choose R8 Resistor as –

[Both 0603 / 0805 will work]

20K – 10000mAH

36K – 20000mAH [Default]

53K – 30000mAH

22.5Watt Working Video and How to use it –


Features of 22.5Watt 5-Port Mobile Power Bank Charging Module

  • 95% Efficiency
  • NTC thermistor Included
  • Upto 5A
  • JEITA Spec Supported
  • Automatic Load Detection
  • Wireless Charging Mode supported
  • Supports PPS/PD3.0/PD2.0
  • Supports QC4+ / QC4 / QC3.0 / QC2.0
  • Supports AFC/FCP/SFCP/VOOC/SRC/BC1.2
  • Supports Samsung and Apple Charging Mode

If you want to learn more about the product, this module is based on SW6802 based Total PD and Bidirectional Fast Charge SoC Datasheet –

Package Contains:

1x 22.5W USB Power Bank charging Module

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