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Soldering Services for Dev Boards.


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Soldering-De soldering, DevBoards

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Do not having soldering Iron? We have it covered. If you are wondering that how to solder the headers or other peripherals after purchasing dev boards? We can even de-solder the headers or other components if you opt for and required this to be done. We will reach back to you after placing the order.

We offer Soldering Services.

To avail this service, please add to cart your desired dev boards or components and add this Soldering Services. The boards will reach back to you with soldering.

This is Applicable for any development boards.

Generally it takes immediately we receive the order and gets confirmation. For Bulk orders we will reach back to you as soon as possible.


Please Note: If the dev-boards or module does not comes with the male headers, kindly order male headers along with the product. We will solder that in your dev boards.

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