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TPL5110 Ultra low power (35nA) system timer


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Timer IC | TPL5110

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TPL5110 Ultra low power (35nA) system timer

TPL5110 is an Ultra Low Power system timer for battery powered application where it consumes only 35nA of current. It can be easily integrated with any microcontroller or power applications to turn ON or OFF the load with a selectable intervals between 100ms to 7200ms. A simple resistor can be used to select the timing intervals. It has an one shot feature.

Features of  TPL5110 Ultra low power (35nA) system timer –

  1. Selectable timing from 100ms to 7200ms
  2. Has 1% Timing accuracy
  3. 35nA current consumption only when powered from a 2.5V source.
  4. Manual Power on input
  5. Single resistor required for timing selection
  6. Supports 1.8V to 5.5V, thus can be used for any logic voltages.
  7. Integrated Mosfet Driver Control.

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