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CH224K 100W PD Sink Controller


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USB PD Sink IC 100W PD capabilities.

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This is a CH224K USB PD Standalone IC that can be used to trigger USB PD profiles.

It is having 10 Pin connections. Supports up to 100W thus a full spectrum of USB PD.

The power profile can be controlled via resistor programming or via pin states. Easily integrate with any type of USB PD based charger though the CC1 and CC2 pins.

Other than that, this IC also supports BC1.2 Power profiling.

CH224K Features

Package: ESSOP-10
Voltage Rating MIN: 4V
Voltage Rating MAX: 22V
Current Output (MAX): NA
Voltage Output (MAX): NA
Power Output (MAX): 100W
Specific Features: PD3.0/2.0, PD Profile Voltage (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V)

CH224K Circuit Design / Schematic:

CH224K Circuit Design / Schematic without Microcontroller

Use Rset Value according to below –
6.8Kohms for 9V
24Kohms for 12V
56Kohms for 15V
NC (Not connected to anything) 20V

CH224K Circuit Design / Schematic with Microcontroller

Mcu based

Design Resources for Faster Integration

CH224K Package Contains:

1x CH224K IC


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