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30V 6A N-Channel MOSFET SSM3K33R


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SSM3K33R, 30V, 6A, N-Channel, SOT-23-6

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2990 in stock

30V 6A N-Channel MOSFET SSM3K33R

With the 6A of Drain current and 30V capabilities, this N Channel Power Mosfet is available in small package and can be used for space saving applications.

It offers Low ON resistance and superior gate threshold voltage to operate this mosfet from any microcontroller at any voltage levels.

This is also a high speed mosfet having 436pF Input capacitance.

Features of SSM3K33R –

  1. 30V Drain to Source Voltage (VDSs)
  2. Minimum Threshold voltage : 1.3V(Min), 2.5V (Max). Gate to Source Voltage is ±20V.
  3. 6A of Continuous Current (12A Peak)
  4. Logic Driven Mosfet. Can be controlled by a 3.3V or 5V microcontroller unit.
  5. 28mR On Resistance requires very small heatsink space

Pin configuration of SSM3K33R –

SSM3K333R 30V 6A N channel MOSFET


Attributes of SSM3K33R MOSFET –


Design Resources –

SSM3K333R Datasheet

Package Contains –

1x SSM3K333R

Weight 0.1 g

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