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5V Cube/BOX Relay – 10A


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5V Cube Relay

This is a 5V general purpose Cube Relay. This 5V Power Relay can handle 10A of 240VAC Power.

This 5V Relay is an excellent choice for smart home and various industrial applications. This is a Form C relay and the coil current at 5V is 100mA.

Features of 5V Cube relay –

  1. Maximum switching power – 2500VA/300W.
  2. Insulation Resistance –  100MΩ.
  3. 100,000 Electrical Operations and 10,000,000 Mechanical Operations.
  4. Contact resistance – 100mΩ.
  5. Maximum switching Current – 15A.

Pin configuration of 5V Cube Relay –

Relay pinouts

The above image is the Top View of the 5V relay. Pin 5 and Pin 2 are the coils pin of the relay. The Pin 1 is relay pole, Pin 4 is the NC (Normally Connected) and Pin 3 is the NO (Normally Open).

Dimension of the Relay –

Dimension of 5V Relay. 5V Relay pin pitch

Product Attribute of the Relay –

Manufacturer: Kyota

Manufacturer Part Number: KT-603

Package: TH-5

Package Information –

1x 5V Cube Relay

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