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BYV32-200G 16A 200V Ultra Fast Diode


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16A, 200V, Ultra Fast, TO-220

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BYV32-200G 16A 200V Ultra Fast Diode

BYV32-200G is a dual diode in single package. It offers superior low Forward Voltage with a High current capability of 16A. It is available in TO-220 Package for easier heatsink integration in the design. It is a Ultrafast Diode.

Features of BYV32-200G

  1. Reverse Voltage – 200V.
  2. Forward Current – 16A.
  3. It has Low forward voltage, high current capability. Typical Forward Voltage is 0.74V at 5A and 1.01V at 20A.
  4. Reverse Recovery Time – 35 ns.
  5. TO220 Package.

Pin configuration of BYV32-200G

BYV32-200G PinoutBYV32-200G Pinout

Design related documentation of BYV32-200G –

Datasheet link of MOS-BYV-32 – BYV32-200G

BYV32-200G Attributes –

Manufacturer – On Semi
Manufacturer Part Number – BYV32-200G

Package Contains-

1x BYV32-200G

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Dual rectifier diode