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LTC4054-4.2 Single Cell Li-ion charger IC


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IC, Battery Charging, TO-220, LTC4054

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2090 in stock

LTC4054-4.2 Standalone Battery Charger IC

Packed with Thermal regulation, LTC4054-4.2 Battery Charger IC is an excellent choice for lithium battery charging with a safe and convenient way. It requires only two components to start charging. This ic is having marking of LTH7

Features of LTC4054-4.2 Linear Battery Charger IC –

  1. VIN: 4.5V-6.5V
  2. Programmable charging current upto 600mA
  3. Charges Single cell Li-Ion Batteries
  4. Only Two external components required
  5. CC/CV algorithm

Pin configuration of LTC4054-4.2 Linear Battery Charger IC –

LTC4054 Pinout

Product attributes of LTC4054-4.2 –

MFR : Analog Devices

MFR-PN : LTC4054-4.2

Package : TSOT-23

Design Resources for Faster Integration (Free of Cost | Ease of Use)

Package contains of LTC4054-4.2 –

1x LTC4054 (Number of IC ordered)

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