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EL817, OPTOCOUPLER, SMD, PC817 Equivalent

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EL817 is an equivalent SMD version of the PC817. It is an Optocoupler  having infrared emitting diodes and on the other side there is optically coupled photo transistor.

EL817 which is an equivalent of the PC817, widely used in SMPS, isolation, signal transmission between two different potential circuits, different telecommunication instruments etc.

EL817 is available with a package of 4pin SMD package.

Features of EL817C –

  1. LED Forward Voltage of EL817: 1.2V [IF = 20mA]
  2. EL817 Collector-Emitter breakdown voltage: 35V
  3. Emitter-Collector breakdown voltage: 6V
  4. EL817C CTR: 200-400%
  5. High Isolation Voltage of 5000V rms.
  6. It has 4-DIP (0.300″, 7.62mm) package.

EL817 Pin Configuration or Pinouts –

Pinout of EL817

Standard Circuit Diagram of EL817 –

Typical application of EL817



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