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LM358 Low Power Dual Op-amp IC (SMD)


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LM358 , Dual op-amp, PDIP Package, 

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LM358 Low Power Dual Op-amp IC (SMD)

LM358 is the iconic operational amplifier that can work independently in single rail or dual rail formations. It offers Low offset Voltage.

LM358 allows sensing near ground.

Features of LM358 –

  1. Voltage Supply Range: 3.0V to 30V [Dual Supplies/Split Supply: ±1.5 V to ±15 V]
  2. Unity Bandwidth at 1.2 Mhz
  3. Internal RF and EMI Filter
  4. Due to low power consumption, can be used for battery operated circuits.
  5. It has Low output saturation voltage.

Pin configuration of LM358 –

Pinout of LM393 Comparator

LM358 Attributes –

MFR: Texas Instruments


Package: SOIC8

Design Resources –

lm358 Datasheet

LM393 Package Contains –

1x LM358DR

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