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IRF540N N-Channel 100V 33A Power MOSFETs


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IRF540N, N-Channel, TO-220

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IRF540N N-Channel MOSFETs

IRF540N is an N-Channel Power Mosfet that could drive loads up to 33A and the maximum voltage it supports is 100V.

IRF540N Mosfet is widely used in various circuits as a switching mosfet.

Features of IRF9540N-

  1. N-channel MOSFet.
  2. Minimum Threshold voltage: 2 (Min), 4V (Max). Gate to Source Voltage (Vgs) is ±20V.
  3. Continuous Drain current is upto 33A where as Pulsed drain current:110A
  4. Simple signal requirements.
  5. Package:To-220

IRF540N MOSFet Application-

1.Fast switching Application.

2.High power switching.

Attributes of  IRF540N MOSFET –


Package Contains-

1x IRF540N

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