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Classic-15 15W Pure Guitar Tube Amplifier


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15W | Pure Tube | EL84 | Celestion Speaker | 12AX7 | Mechanical Spring Reverb

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Classic-15 15W Guitar Tube Amplifier

Classic-15 15W Guitar Tube Amplifier is a 15W classic Tube amplifier in India that is completely hand made with uttermost care specifically designed for Guitarists. This Tube Amplifier supports exceptionally good high level output, loud, clean and dynamic enough to produce utter most response in both Low, mid and High frequency.  Not only this, It has extensively good hold in upper and lower range, have possible clean headroom. You can tweak this to crank at high volume and get superior response over your guitar strumming.

For the Deatiled Features, Check below –

We made this tube amplifier with precision level retro tubes that is easily available with us or in other market place for easy and faster replacement.

All tube amplifiers are burned for 24 hours in the factory to season the Power tubes. The Sound will continuously improve

Features of Classic 15 Tube Amplifier –

Classic 15 Tube Amplifier Tube Section

Tube Output  Р15W РClass AB Configuration [15W Pure Tube Amp is very loud to hear. Please do not compare Pure 15W tube amp with a 15W Solid state Amp.]


4 Power Full Tube Segment. 12AX7 as a Input Gain Preamp Powered with the Retro Touch Response on the Sound. 2x EL84 Matched Pair is backing the AB Push Pull which is backed by the Another 12AX7 Phase Shifter.

Rectifier: Backed with Solid-state Clean Rectification

Power Tube: 2xEL84 Ruby Classic Edition Matched Pair

Preamp Tube: 12AX7 PSVANE Original

Phase Shifter: 12AX7 PSVANE Original

Classic 15 Tube Amplifier Speaker Section

Celestion TEN 30 G10R-30

Classic 15 Pure tube amplifier celestion speaker for retro sound output

Excellent Low And High Response with Dedicated 10″ Speaker diameter and the Awesomeness of Celestion TEN 30, making this Tube Amplifier perfect for Jazz or Blues Playing.

Rare Spring Reverb for the one who want play to the next level.

Yes, This comes with Mechanical Retro Spring Reverb that is the you heard from the late 70’s or 80’s sound. That matured sound without any artificial reverb. It comes with Spring Reverb. What you want more?

It is fitted in the old wood seasoned more than 20 Years. We deliberately used unwashed, dusty old wood to provide mature sound response and retro feel and powered it in hot temperature room with more than 2 months continuously to provide that sound response.

Powerful Control Operations

Packed with 2 Input channels which is Bright and Cold Channels along with the Volume, Tone, Speed, Intensity and Reverb Knob. The Pilot light and the ON/OFF Switch is also available in the Product.

Classic 15 Pure tube amplifier controls from punoscho.in


  1. Number of Tube Used – 4 Pcs (2 Power Tube, 1 Phase Shifter, 1 Pre-Amp)
  2. Rectifier – Solid State Thomson
  3. Power Tube – 2x EL84 (Retro – Power) – Push-Pull
  4. Pre-Amp Tube – 12AX7 PSVANE Golden Edition
  5. Phase Shifter Tube – 12AX7 PSVANE Golden Edition
  6. Speaker – 10″ Celestion| 8Ohms – Dedicated / 15W output / High dynamic response (14Hz – 23000Hz)
  7. Standard AC Input Cable
  8. Volume Control
  9. Tone Control
  10. Retro Mechanical Spring Reverb With Speed, Attack and Reverb Drive
  11. Pilot Lamp for Power Visibility. 10 Sec
  12. Ultra Quite Sound with no noise output
  13. Pine Ply wood body with premium Tolex installed to give retro feel, touch and finish. It will also protect the amp from moisture, wear and tear. 20 Years old Wood with Dust and Seasoned.
  14. Strap to hold.
  15. Small size to carry for recording | stage performances

Warranty Information

We provide 1 Year dedicated Warranty for this Amplifier. For the Case the warranty is 6 months only.

Package Information

1x Classic-15 15W Pure Tube Amplifier


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