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6V6GT Power Tube


4 in stock (can be backordered)

6V6GT | Power Tube | Class A | Class AB-Push Pull

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4 in stock (can be backordered)

Feel the Raw state of Music. 6V6GT is the best in its segment. Matched with excellent sound and can be used as excellent Power Tube  for 5-10W of Output. THD is 3.5% at 285V Plate voltage. For smooth sound, use 6V6GT for your Power Amplifier and use 12AX7 as a phase shifter.

We generally have PSVANE, BELL, Mullard, Hitachi, Electro-harmonix from USA or Russian made tubes.

Please note :  Since there are issues of tubes availability, We will deliver the tube which is available at the time of order placed. Generally it is PSVANE 6V6GT, if you are lucky you can get the Oldest stock of unused 6V6GT Russian made NOS. Please remember, all tubes are properly tested and burned atleast 12 hours before it is available to sell. If you want specific made, kindly confirm us first in our Whatsapp number (+919163986431) or mail us. We do not charge extra depending on make until or unless we sell it as different product.

Features of Power Amp Tube 6V6GT –

  1. Uni Potential Cathode
  2. Beam Power Amplifier
  3. Suitable for Class A and Class AB1 Amplifier (Push-Pull Dual stage)
  4. Pin count of 6V6GT – 7 (Octal Base) | 7AC Package
  5. Plate Dissipation – 12Watt | Plate Voltage 250 (Single Ended) | 285 (Push-Pull)

Pin out configuration of 6V6GT-


6V6GT Pinout available in


Package Information –

1x 6V6GT (for the make or manufacturer available, kindly contact us after or before ordering the tube).

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 65 mm


Tube type

Pre – amp

Rectification Stage

Pre amplification