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CH32V003F4P6 General Purpose RISCV Microcontroller


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microcontroller | CH32V003 | RISC-V-32Bit

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486 in stock

CH32V003F4P6 General Purpose RISCV Microcontroller

With Ultra Low Cost RISCV Microcontroller, WCH CH32V003 is a game changer in industry. The low cost with tightly packed peripherals CH32V003 can became a fist choice for many people.

This MCU Comes with the RISC-V 144Mhz,


Get the complete EVM kit to pack start the development in this new RISCV microcontroller. This development kit comes with Link E programming kit, two different evm board of CH32V003 and CH32V203 and the spare microcontroller of 5 pcs each.

Purchase CH32V003/CH32V203-LinkE Complete Development Kit

Feature of CH32V003 microcontroller

  1. Works in both 3.3V and 5V
  2. 32bit – RISC-V core
  3. 2KB SRAM
  4. 16KB program memory
  5. Built in 24Mhz RC Oscillator
  6. Supports Timer / ADC/USART/I2C and SPI
  7. Supports SDI Interface
  8. Comes with 64 bit unique ID
  9. 16 Bit timer
  10. 3 Group of IO ports having 18 GPIOs

Components Information of CH32V003

Manufacture Part Number –

  • CH32V003F4P6.41230.TR (WCH Mcu)

Manufacturer – WCH

Package – TSSOP


Package Information

  1. 1x CH32V003F4P6 IC Pack
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