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1800Watt 40A 10-60VDC to 12-97VDC Adjustable CC/CV SMPS


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1800Watt | DC-DC | Boost SMPS | 40A

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1800Watt 40A 10-60VDC to 12-97VDC Adjustable CC/CV Power Supply Module

With 97% Efficiency, this 1800Watt 40A SMPS is prefect for High Power Motor driving applications as well as charging High Power Batteries. It is available in small form factor and possibly one of the low cost, small size but very high Power SMPS Topology available in the market.

This SMPS comes with all type of protections across input as well as the output, supports self cooling system, has configurable Under voltage protection, current calibration system and voltage selection.

The cooling is done with compact Aluminum Solid heatsinks using fan cooling system.

Please Note: This module comes with 4 Long 50mm standoff with Nuts.

1800Watt 40A SMPS Specifications

  1. 12V-97V selectable output voltage
  2. 40A Max Output current
  3. 10-30V max input voltage
  4. Boost Topology
  5. Comes with Aluminum Heatsink and FAN based cooling system
  6. Relatively smaller in size – 5cm/13cm/13cm
  7. High current Toroidal Choke
  8. Screw Terminals for Input and Output
  9. Proper PCB specification to hold high current upto 2000Watt with 97% Efficiency
  10. Easy replaceable Blade Fuses

Package Information

  1. 1x 1800Watt 40A SMPS Module Board- Module
  2. 4x 50mm Standoffs with Nuts


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