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Tube Amplifier Power Transformer 5E3


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Tube Amplifier Power Transformer

This is the power transformer for Tube Amplifier with a drop in replacement of Fender Tweed Delux 5E3. This Transformer is excellent for driving 1 5Y3GT, 2 6V6GT, 2 12AX7. It is an excellent transformer to build tube amplifier from 1W to 20W.

Feature of the Tube Amp Power Transformer

  1. 5E3 Fender Tweed Delux Edition
  2. 110VAC, 125VAC, 220VAC, 230VAC – Input (Black-Brown-Blue-Yellow-Red)
  3. Output
    340V-270V-45V-0V-270V-340V/0.15A (Green-Blue-Yellow-Black-Blue-Green)
    3.15V-0V-3.15V / 5A (Yellow-Black-Yellow)

Package Contains

1x  Tube Amp Power Transformer

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