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Original 15mm 250K Split shaft Alpha Potentiometers


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Alpha, B250K, Aluminum, Split Shaft, 15mm

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Original Alpha 15mm 250K Split shaft Potentiometers

This is Original Taiwan Alpha Make 250K Split Shaft Potentiometer straight from the factory for Premium Guitars and Amplifiers.
This Potentiometers are made with Aluminum and made by the legendary Pot maker Taiwan Alpha.

Features of Alpha 250K Potentiometer-

  1. B250K
  2. 1 Watt
  3. Suitable for Guitars and Amplifiers and can also be used in Tube Amplifiers
  4. Aluminum Shaft for added Durability
  5. 5% Tolerance
  6. 15mm

Dimension of the Alpha 500K –


Alpha 250K

Attribute of the Alpha 250K –

MFR- Taiwan Alpha

Package contains –

1x Alpha 250K Pot


Weight 0.1 g

Blue LED switch