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WS2812 SMD LED Module


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Addressable LED| Module | SMD

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This is a WS2812 based small module that can be easily interfaced with the Arduino or ESP32 boards.

This LED requires 4.5V-5V to operate and could produce RGB led colors. Since this is addressable LED module, multiple modules can be joined together to form a channel and each individual LEDs can be controlled independently.



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Features of WS2812 Addressable LED module

  1. 4.5V-6V DC Operation
  2. Shift Register Programmable RGB LED/Lamp.
  3. 800 kHz Frequency response.
  4. Add as many modules as required and can be controlled via single pin of the microcontroller.
  5. Each color having 256 Dimming level for superior control.


Timing Diagram/Waveform of WS2812 LED based module

APA106-F5/WS2812 Timing Diagram


Multiple module connectivity guide

Multiple WS2812/APA106 cascading example.

The L1/L2/L3 are LED modules. 5V voltage and GND is provided in each LEDs. The microcontroller sends data to the DI (Data In) pin and the data gets transferred to the next LED via DO (Data Out) pin, serially.

Design Resources –

WS2812 datasheet

Package contains

1x WS2812 LED Module Board



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LED Color

NeoPixel Addressable, RGB