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Smoke Alarm – Smoke Chamber Cage


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Smoke Chamber, Cage, 35mm

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25 in stock

Smoke Alarm – Smoke Chamber Cage

Smaller in Size and with retrofittable materials, this cage is perfect for creating a dark room for the smoke alarm related features where the IR receiver and Emitter can be situated.

It is Fully compatible with many smoke alarm sensor ICs such as RE46C194.

The RE46C194 Can be purchased from our site – Purchase Link

Features of Smoke Alarm –

  1. 35mm Diameter
  2. 15mm Height
  3. Proper Dark inside, No light will Pass
  4. Hard Material, Durable grade Plastic Enclosure
  5. Higher Heat Resistance

Package Contains –

1x Smoke chamber base
2x Smoke chamber Top
3x Smoke chamber IR LED Holder

Weight 0.1 g

Active components


DC Power Jack