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RGB-Through-hole-5mm LED (Common Anode)


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RGB LED| Though Hole | 5MM

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RGB-Through-hole-5mm LED (Common Anode)

It can produce any color as output by a combination of 3 colors red, green, and blue to indicate the operation of the device. These are widely used in stage designing, home decorations, LED matrix, displays, outdoor lightings, and in some electronic applications. It has 4 terminals, in which 3 terminals red, green, blue, and another terminal represents anode or cathode of LED type. It is also known as tri-color LED or multi-color.

Features of RGB-Through-hole-5mm LED (Common Anode)

  1. It has Common Cathode terminal.
  2. Forward Voltage
    • Red: 2v (typical)
    • Blue: 3.2(typical)
    • Green: 3.2(typical)
  3. Forward current – 20mA
  4. 5MM diameter

Pin configuration of RGB-Through-hole-5mm LED (Common Anode)





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