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MBR10100CT 100V 10A Schottky Diode


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MBR10100CT, 100V, 10A, TO-220

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MBR10100CT, 10A 100V Schottky Diode

MBR10100CT is a Schottky Barrier Rectifier with a 5A of output current in each schottky section (5Ax2) with a 100V Drive Capacity. It is a very high Power Schottky diode that can be used in high power SMPS secondary side rectifications.

Due to the Schottky Barrier, the average forward voltage is relatively low. MBR10100CT offers 0.84V VF at 5A.

Features of MBR10100CT –

  1. 10A of Forward Current
  2. Forward Voltage: 0.84V at 5.0A
  3. 100V VRRM/VRWM/VR
  4. TO-220 Mount making it excellent for Heat sink Mounting.
  5. High Surge Current Capability

Product description of MBR10100CT –

Package: TO-220

Package Contains –

1x MBR10100CT

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