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CN3165 – 1A Lithium Ion Solar Charger IC


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IC, Battery Charging, 1A, Solar Power Charger

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500 in stock

CN3165 1A Solar Charger IC

It is the advanced version of it’s previous version of CN3065 which is now obsolete. CN3165 having 1A Charge current and perfect for 4.5V-6V Solar panels to charge Lithium Ion Batteries. It controls the charge current depending on the Input current and makes sure that the charging facility remains stable irrespective of the solar panel input and sun conditions. It has

It also supports battery temperature sensing.

Features of CN3165 1A Solar Battery Charger IC –

  1. Automatic Charge Current control depending on the Input.
  2. 1A Charge current (MAX)
  3. Indication for Charge and Done state.
  4. 4.4V – 6V Input voltage support
  5. Inbuilt MOSFet
  6. No Blocking Diode or Current Sense resistor required

Pin configuration of CN3165 –

CN3165 1A Solar battery charger pinout

Application Schematic –


CN3165 Schematic

Product attributes of CN3165 –

MFR : Consonance

MFR-PN : CN3165

Package : VQFN(16)

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Package contains –

1x CN3165 (Number of IC ordered)

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