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AD8221 Precession Instrument Amplifier


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AD8221 , Precision Instrumentation Amplifier, SOIC-8 Package

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AD8221 Precision Instrument Amplifier.

With a Gain setting from 1 to 1000, AD8221 from Analog devices is the precision level Instrument Amplifier that can be widely used in very small or micro signal amplification such as Bio Amp, EMG, ECG signals. This Precision Instrument Amplifier only requires 1 gain setting resistor to set the gain at that level.

Features of AD8221 –

  1. Voltage Supply Range: 4.6V to 36V [Dual Supplies/Split Supply: ±2.3 V to ±18 V]
  2. 80dB minimum CMRR at 10 kHz | -3dB Bandwidth at 825 kHz Typical(Gain = 1)
  3. 70uV maximum Input Offset Voltages
  4. 2V/us Slew rate
  5. Low Noise, 0.25uV p-p RTI (Gain = 100 to 1000)
  6. 2nA maximum input bias current

Pin configuration of AD8221 –

AD8221 Instrument Amplifier Pinout



AD8221 Attributes –

MFR: Analog Devices


Package: SOIC-8

Design Resources –

AD8221 Datasheet

AD8221 Package Contains –

1x AD8221 Amplifier

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