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3S 40A BMS for 12.6V Batteries


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3S, 12.6V, 40A, BMS

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3S 40A BMS for 12.6V Batteries

This is a 3S 40A BMS (Battery Management System) that protects the lithium batteries from over discharge, over current, short circuit, and over charging of the fault conditions. This BMS module supports wide variety of batteries such as 18650, Polymer, LiFe polymer batteries, 26650 etc that comes with the 3.7V nominal voltage (for single cell) and 4.2V as the full charge voltage. As it is a 3S balance charging BMS, it supports upto 12.6V (4.2V x 3). The continuous discharge current is 40A.

Note: Due to high discharge current and full working of the BMS, always use a thicker wire for the BMS to Battery and BMS to Load.

Features of 3S 40A BMS Module

  1. 12.6V maximum charging voltage
  2. Balance charging supported
  3. Self current consumption is equivalent to 28uA
  4. Over charge voltage triggering point: 4.3V
  5. Deep discharge voltage: 2.7V
  6. Maximum load current : 40A
  7. Maximum Charge current: 20A
  8. Nominal application voltage : 3.7V x 3 cell in series.
  9. Protection board cut off features in Auto cutoff mode.

Package Contains –

1x 3S 40A BMS Module

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