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1N4148 100V 300mA SMD Diode


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1N4148, SOD123, 300mA, 100V, Fast Signal diode

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1N4148 100V 300mA SMD Diode

1N4148 is a fast switching diode and it is used in many applications including Audio products to SMPS. This diode could achieve fast recovery speed upto 4ns and having forward voltage of 0.715V at 1mA of forward current. Supports continuous forward current upto 300mA.

This is a SMD Package, having SOD123 footprint.

Features of 1N4148 –

  1. 300mA of Forward Current
  2. Forward Voltage: 0.7715V at 1mA
  3. 100V VRRM/VRWM/VR
  4. SOD123 Package
  5. Fast Switching response upto 4nS

Product description of 1N4148 –

MFR: Diodes Inc.
MFR-PN: 1N4148W
Package: SOD123
Diode Marking: T4 (Also referred as T4 diode)

Product Resources –

Package Contains –

1x 1N4148

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