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TOP257PN 41W SMPS Driver IC


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TOP257PN, 41W, 25W, PDIP-7

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TOP257PN 41W SMPS Driver IC –

From the Legendary Power Integration, TOP257PN is the High Power SMPS Driver IC that can provide 41W power output in Open frame with 230VAC Input,  25Watt  in Adapter Design at 230VAC Operation. For universal supply, this power driver IC could produce 19W in Adapter and 30W in Openframe at universal input mode.

It is available in PDIP-7 package and the PCB can be used as heatsink.

Features of TOP257PN –

1. 41W max

2. Line under-voltage (UV) detection: no turn off glitches

3. 132 kHz frequency reduces transformer/power supply size

4. Extremely low consumption in remote off mode

5. Allows shutdown/wake-up via LAN/input port

Pinout configuration –

Top257PN SMPS Driver IC pinouts

Attributes –

MFR:  Power Integration



Design Resources for Faster Integration (Free of Cost | Ease of Use)

Package Contains –

1x TOP257PN

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