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SMBJ200A TVS Diode 600W, 200V


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TVS Diode, SMBJ200A, 200V, 600W, Unidirectional


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SMBJ200A TVS Diode 600W, 200V

SMBJ200A is a unidirectional TVS diode, used for circuit level protections. Having 600W Peak Pulse Power Capabilities. This Unidirectional TVS diode has 200V of Breakdown Voltage.

Features of SMBJ200A TVS Diode 600W, 200V

  1. 171V clamping
  2. 200V Vbr
  3. All protection circuit including
  4.  Package DO-214AA
  5. 30kV air/contact discharge

Package Contains –

1x SMBJ200A (quantity that is purchased)






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