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LM2596T-5.0V 3-A Step-Down 5V Fixed switching Regulator


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3A, Switching Buck regulator, 5V Fixed, TO-263, LM2596T

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50 in stock

LM2596T-5.0V 3-A Step-Down Fixed switching Regulator

The LM2596T regulators provides all active functions for a switching regulator. This is a 5.0V fixed positive Regulator.It is a monolithic integrated circuit. This regulator capable for 3A load.

Features of LM2596T-5.0V Step-Down Voltage Regulator –

  1. 5.0V Fixed Voltage Regulator
  2. It also has Wide input voltage : 45V
  3. It can give 3-A output current.
  4. LM2596T include fault protection and a fixed-frequency oscillator.
  5. TO-263 package available.

Product attributes of LM2596T-5.0 Step-Down Voltage Regulator –


MFR-PN : LM2596T-5.0

Package : TO-263

Package contains¬† –


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Switching Regulator