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IRF9620 200V 3.5A P-Channel MOSFETs


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IRF9620,P-Channel, TO-220AB

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IRF9620 200V 3.5A P-Channel MOSFETs

IRF9620 is  3.5A of Drain current and 200v capabilities, this P Channel Power Mosfet is good for the operation of switching and High Power Regulations.

It offers Low ON resistance and Cost Effectiveness threshold voltage to operate this mosfet from any microcontroller at any voltage levels.

Features of IRF9620  P-Channel Mosfet-

  1. -200V Drain to Source Voltage (VDSs)
  2. Minimum Threshold voltage: -2.0V (Min), -4.0V (Max). Gate to Source Voltage is ±20V.
  3. -19A of Continuous Current.
  4. RDSon 0.11 Ohms
  5. Fast Switching.
  6. Simple drive requirements.

Attributes of  IRF9620 MOSFET –


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