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IR2101 High and Low Side Driver IC DIP-8 Package


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Mosfet Driver IC | IR2101| High and Low Side Mosfet Driver

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IR2101 High and Low Side Driver

If you want to drive MOSFet or IGBT, IR2101 is the high choice for many as it supports superior high voltage and high speed MOSFet driver control operations. The High and Low Sides are independent referenced output channels. This IR2101 could drive MOSFets or IGBT from 10V to 20V and supports 3.3V/5V/15V Logic operations making it suitable to integrate high power high voltage mosfet with low power, log logic level controllers.

The High side control operations Supports voltage range upto 600V.

Features of IR2101 –

  1. 600V bootstrap operations
  2. Gate drive supply from 10V-20V.
  3. Under Voltage Lockout
  4. 3.3V/5V/15V Logic input compatible
  5. Propagation delay is matched for both the channels.


Package contains

1xIR2101 High and Low Side Mosfet Driver IC

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