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HiLink HLK 5M05 5W 5V 1A AC to DC SMPS Power Supply Module


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HLK-5M05, 5W, 5V 1A, 100-240VAC

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HiLink HLK 5M05 5W 5V 1A AC to DC SMPS Power Supply Module

Perfect for the application that calls for an AC to DC SMPS with 5W power output, HLK 5M05 Hilink smps is excellent for the 5V1A output. HLK-5M05 Supports 5V 1A or 5W DC Output from the 100-240VAC Input. It has proper UL, CE and RoHS certifications. Not only this, HLK 5M05 comes with the short circuit and overcurrent current protection across the output.

This is a ultra small power SMPS comes with the 38mm x 23mm size with a height of 18mm only. The isolation in input and output is 3000VAC.


Features of HLK 5M05 –

1. 5W max

2. 3000VAC Isolations

3. Output voltage is 5V 1A or 5W, and the Input voltage is 100-240VAC 0.2A 50-60 Hz

4. Ultra small form factor which consist of 38mm x 23mm x 18mm

5. Works without external circuits and supports all protections

Input Features –

Hilink HLK-5M05 5W 1A SMPS input specifications.

Output Features –

Hilink HLK-5M05 5W 5V 1A SMPS output specifications


HLK 5M05 Hilink smps application circuit-

Hilink HLK 5M05 Typical Application Circuits


If you are looking for the Safety Capacitor and the common mode choke for HLK 5M05, Kindly refer the link below –

0.1uF (100nF) 275VAC X2 Safety Capacitor from

Common mode choke / Filter for SMPS from

Hilink SMPS Attributes –

MFR:  Hilink




Package Contains-

1x HLK-5M05

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