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ESP32 Module | Bluetooth-WiFi Module | SMD | PCB Antenna | 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz |4MB

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One of the newest among widely used esp32 module, ESP32-WROOM-32E-4M is a WiFi enabled and Bluetooth based module that uses ESP32 microcontroller. It offers a great integration on many IoT based project where wireless communication is required. The Major advantage of using this Module is that, it comes with predefined certifications such as CE, FCC included with the module. This module is also having a PCB Based antenna that supports a wide range of operations.

Feature of ESP32-WROOM-32E module

  1. 2.4GHz WiFi + Bluetooth® + Bluetooth LE module
  2. Xtensa® dual­core 32­bit LX6 microprocessor upto 240MHz
  3. 4/8/16MB Flash available. (This is a 4MB Module)
  4. 26 GPIO
  5. 3x UART
  6. 4x SPI
  7. 2x I2C
  8. 2x I2S
  9. Ethernet | CAN bus | LED PWM | Motor PWM | Inbuilt Hall Effect Sensor
  10. Security – Flash Encryption, Secure boot, IEEE 802.11, AES, SHA-2, RSA, EXX and RNG

Components Information of ESP32-WROOM-32E-4M

Manufacture Part Number – ESP32-WROOM-32E-H4

Manufacturer Name – Espressif

Package – 38-SMD

Pinout issues of ESP32

Tips from Expert for advance users of ESP32-WROOM-32E-4M

  • ADC2 is used by the WiFi driver. Avoid using ADC2 if your application demands WiFi Communication.
  • Careful about the Strapping pin. Refer datasheet carefully, it may end up a not working PCB board or application.
  • IO3 remains High during boot. Take precautions. Carefully consider the ESP32 Pinout.
  • IO14 and IO15 outputs PWM signal at boot. Take precautions.
  • IO34, 35, 36, 39 is input only pin. Do not use it for output operations.

Design Resources –

ESP32-WROOM-32E Datasheet

Package Information

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