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BQ24078 1.5A Charger with Power Path Management


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IC, Battery Charging, SOP-8, 1.5A, Power Path

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BQ24078 1.5A Charger with Power Path Management

1.5A Standalone charger with Power Path Management. This BQ24078 is the state of art charging IC from Texas Instruments that supports Linear charging with proper power path protocol to provide more control over the power path.

It is packed with Reverse Current, Short-Circuit, Thermal Protection.

This IC also supports the System On and Off Control which is an excellent feature for battery operated devices. No additional microcontrollers are needed.

Features of BQ24078 1.5A Linear Battery Charger IC –

  1. Supports up to 1.5-A Charge Current with Current
    Monitoring Output (ISET)
  2. Programmable Input Current Limit up to 1.5 A for
    Wall Adapters
  3. System Output Tracks Battery Voltage
  4. System On/Off Control
  5. Reverse Current, Short-Circuit, and Thermal

Pin configuration of BQ24078 –

BQ24078 Pinout

Application Schematic –


BQ24078 schematic


Product attributes of BQ24078 –

MFR : Texas Instruments


Package : VQFN(16)

Design Resources –


Package contains –

1x BQ24078 (Number of IC ordered)

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