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6L6GC Power Tube Voice of Nobility


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6L6GC | Power Tube | Class A | Class AB-Push Pull

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4 in stock (can be backordered)

Feel the Raw state of Music. 6L6GC is the best in its segment. Matched with excellent sound and can be used as excellent Power Tube  for 30W of Power Output. It is the elegant make from the PSVANE Voice of Nobility Art Series.

Features of Power Amp Tube 6L6GC –

  1. Beam Power Pentode Amplifier
  2. Suitable for Class A, Class B and Class AB1 Amplifier (Push-Pull Dual stage)
  3. Pin count of EL84 – 6/7/8 (Octal Base) [We have the Base in Stock]
  4. Anode Plate Dissipation – 30Watt | Plate Voltage 250V (Single Ended) | 275 (Push-Pull)

Please Note: For Matched pair of 6L6GC, Kindly order two pcs and write – “Matched Pair required” in the customer order note serial. 

Pin out configuration of 6L6GC-

6L6GC Pinout

Package Information –

1x 6L6GC

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Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 65 mm


Tube type

Pre – amp

Rectification Stage

Pre amplification