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4.7uH (4R7) 4.5A 7mm x 7mm SMD Inductor


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4.7uH, Inductor, 7mm x 7mm, 4.5A

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87 in stock

4.7uH (4R7) 4.5A 7mm x 7mm SMD Inductor

This is a 4.7uH 4.5A Power Inductor having very small form factor and pretty stable for used in the Power Electronics and with the switching regulators. It is having 7mm x 7mm form factor that is a semi shielded Power Inductor.

Feature of the 4.7uH (4R7) 4.5A SMD Inductor

  • 4.7uH (4R7) Inductance
  • Saturation Current: 4.5A
  • DC Resistance: 0.070A
  • Type: Drum Core Unshielded Power Inductor

4.7uH Inductor Eagle library

Package Contains

1x 33uH Inductor

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