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3Pin Male AC Power Supply Socket IEC 60320 C13(Push Fit Type-1)


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Push fit 250V, 10A, AC Socket, IEC 60320, C13

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3Pin Male AC Power Supply Socket(Push Fit Type-1)

This Male AC Power Supply Socket having 250v/10A Rating. This is an IEC 60320 C13 Push fit AC power Socket.

It is widely used in many day to day household and external instruments that is using power input.

Features of 3Pin Male AC Power Jack Push fit

  1. Socket Type: IEC60320
  2. Type of Push fit Connector: Male
  3. Rated load: AC 250V / 10A.
  4. Pin: 3
  5. Color: Black

Package Contains –

1x 250V/10A  AC Power Supply Socket Push fit

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