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DC Barrel Power Connector / Socket (Pin Type)


1925 in stock

5.5×2.1mm, 30V, 1A, Barrel Connector, pin type

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1925 in stock

5.5×2.1mm Female DC Power Socket

This is a 5.5×2.1mm Female DC Power Socket having 30V/1A Rating. It is a Pin type socket and it can be properly inserted in breadboard, Round holes etc. It is highly durable in high temperature and shinny finish.

It is widely used in many day to day household and external instruments that is using power input.

Features of DC-005 DC Power Jack –

  1. Plug Type: 5.5 x 2.1mm DC Power Socket
  2. Temperature: -30°C ~ +150°C.
  3. Rated load: DC 30V / 1.0A.
  4. Pin: 3 | Recommended PCB Holes – 1.25 mm
  5. Life: 5000 times.

Package Contains –

5x 2.1mm-5.5mm DC Socket (pin type)

Weight 0.1 g

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