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R1G 400V 1A Fast Diode


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R1G, 1A, 400V, SOD-123FL, Fast diode

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R1G 400V 1A Fast Diode

RS1004FL which is known as R1G, is a Fast Diode having the 400V 1A capacity. It has 1.3V Forward Voltage with a reverse recovery time of 150 nano seconds.

Features of R1G –

  1. 1A forward current
  2. Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage: 400V.
  3. Forward Voltage 1.3V.
  4. SOD-123FL Package.
  5. Maximum Reverse Recovery Time – 150ns.

R1G Attributes –

MFR: Panjit Semiconductor

MFR-PN: RS1004FL (R1G)

Package – SOD-123FL

Design Resources –

RS1004FL Datasheet

Package Contains –

1x RS1004FL/R1G (Quantity Ordered)

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