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LM2576 ADJ buck converter (Adjustable)


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3A, Switching Buck regulator, Adjustable, TO-263, LM2576

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LM2576 IC adjustable buck converter

The LM2576 adjustable buck converter ic provides buck switching regulation. 2576 IC is available as an adjustable version. It is a 3A switching buck regulator IC. Also, LM2576 can easily be used in place of lm2596s adjustable.

As a buck regulator, lm2576 is pretty stable with 52kHz fixed frequency and 4% Line regulations. Furthermore, the Metal tab in TO-263 package can be used as a heatsink and directly be soldered on the PCB.

We also have the Through Hole or TO220 package of the LM2576-ADJ version –

LM2576 ADJ TO220

For 5V or fixed version, Kindly check the link below –

LM2576 5V TO220

LM2596S 5V SMD (TO-263)

Features of LM2576 buck converter –

  1. Adjustable Output ranging from 1.23V to 37V so that it can be used for wider applications.
  2. LM2576 has Wide input voltage range: 7V-40V
  3. It can be used for high demanding load because of the 3A load capabilities
  4. LM2576S includes fault protection and a fixed-frequency oscillator.
  5. SMD version of this device (TO-263)

LM2576 pinout –


LM2596S Pinout


LM2576 part number and information –



Package : TO-263

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Package contains of LM2576S-ADJ


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Switching Regulator