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Common Mode choke 4.7mH line filter


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4.7 mH, AC Line Filter, Line filter

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97 in stock

Common Mode chokes 4.7 mH line filter

2×4.7mH common mode choke or AC line filter that can be used perfectly in SMPS and other AC input operations where the EMI, EMC, etc needs to be regulated for safety of the circuit or for certification.

Created with uttermost care, this 1mH line filters are made using top quality of magnet wires. The coating of the copper is two layers which are essential for long term working.

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Purchase Common Mode choke 1mH line filter

Features of Common Mode choke 1mH line filter-

  1. 2x 4.7mH Choke
  2. Measured at 10kHz 50mV frequencies at 25°C
  3. Offers stability over long term high temperature usage.
  4. Package: U9.8

Dimension of U9.8 Line filters and Libraries –

Package Contains-

1x 4.7mH Choke

Weight 0.1 g

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AC Line Filter