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20-22 SWG Solder Wire 50gm


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22 SWG, Solder Wire, 50gm Solder Wire, 2-Core Flux Rosin Core

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20-22 SWG Solder Wire 50gm –

This Solder wire is made of the 60/40 Grade wires. This solder has good solderability and prevent dry solder due to the flux rosin core. It is having low melting point.  Widely used in electrical and electronics, solder parts like a circuit board, electronics devices, and others.

Features of 22 SWG Solder Wire 50gm –

  1. 60/40 Ratio
  2. No Additional Flux or paste is required (2 core Rosin Flux Included)
  3. It also has Low Melting Point.
  4. Easy to use, flows well and heats evenly.
  5. Prevents Dry Soldering


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